The Gadget Addiction – How to Fight the New Menace!

At Gurukul The School, under the leadership of educationist, Mr. Gaurav Bedi, we are committed to creating a healthy environment around the kids, which will allow them to creatively learn and develop holistically. As kids are plugged-in to an array of gadgets like TVs, tablets, social media, video games, and smartphones, etc., this can surely be termed ‘The Gadget Addiction’.

The Adverse Effects of Over Exposure to Gadgets

• Gadget addiction leads to a sedentary lifestyle, which has its own share of adverse effects. Researches show that children spending an average of 4 hours per day watching TV or other gadgets are more likely to be overweight. Obesity is hence, swiftly emerging as one major concern for youth.

• Overexposure to the flashy screens, high volumes, bold colors, and action may cause irritability, restlessness, and frustration among the young minds. This excessive stimulation affects their vision, concentration, and social behavior. They may even adopt a violent. unpredictable behavior in the future.

• With increasing comfort in building relationships online, there is an increasing level of social disconnection found among children, particularly teenagers, which is inhibiting their development of social skills. Their screen-savvy addiction leaves them with fewer personal interactions and lower empathy.

• Reduced analytical and creative thinking is an outcome of relying excessively on technology. It limits their knowledge and learning abilities. Remember how easy access to the calculator on mobiles has impacted your basic Math skills.

‘The Gadget Detox’

We would recommend you to create ‘The Gadget Detox’ calendar in your family time. Get into a family conversation with your children about what this detox is about. This will have a positive impact on health as well as family bonding. It will also be an opportunity for you to walk your talk as a role model for your children. Here are some exciting ways of going for ‘The Gadget Detox’.

• Discover Fun Activities – Limit the time for TV / Social Media, etc. not only for your kids but for everyone in the family. You can create a time slot for playing outdoors or get along with indoor games like Ludo, Pen Hide and Seek, etc. You can together create a list of games with your children.

• Hobby Time – As we grow up, we get occupied in the daily chores so much that there is hardly time to work on our passion and hobbies. Create hobbies that are of interest to your children and partner with them. You can also ask your kids to create fun quizzes around these hobbies.

• Exploring the World of Reading – Reading is different than studying. It is also different than watching videos or television for recreation. Reading taps analytical and creative thinking which thereby stimulates the right brain development. Simultaneously pick up a book for yourself and exhibit a competitive spirit. They can initiate reading with their favorite book and slowly move towards other genres.

• Meal Together – Being together without the interruptions of TV and mobiles is a great way for healthy eating, good digestion, and family bonding. You can have the day-to-day conversations with your children without reacting or giving instructions during the mealtime.

We, at Gurukul The School, recognized as one of the Best Schools in Ghaziabad, strictly follow the five core values – Respect, Honesty, Compassion, Fairness, and Responsibility (represented by acronym RHCFR) to instill the ‘Character Education’ as an inseparable part of their education and overall development. By addressing ‘The Gadget Addiction’, we are not standing against technology; rather we stand to propose that its use should be balanced and responsible. This helps to ensure their physical and mental well-being while steering them towards practicing the constructive use of gadgets for enhanced learning and development.

Laptop Rental Makes Its Prominence As The Most Advantageous Gadget

The laptops have been deemed as the most advantageous gadget for the businesses that are predominantly on their transit, since they are completely portable, embedded with the most upgraded docking stations in them which could enable the business owner to execute multitude of program executions in their ways of conducting business.

The paramount limitation of the high configuration laptops

One of the limitation that most of the high configuration laptops in the recent times is that, when most of the users are specifically looking out for high configuration laptops which could house some of the attributable features in them to carry out the business at ease.

These high configuration laptops comes with high price range and comparatively more expensive than the conventional desktop computers. In this particular situation, the laptop rental becomes the viable option for the business owners to opt for these gadgets for their specific accomplishment.

The rental company have their own stake on laptop rentals

In the recent years, the rental companies have become the popular destinations and a one-stop solution for the many of the peripheral rentals for the business owners to carry on with their business task.

These companies often rent out the laptops for:

· The trade fairs or seminars

· The companies who wish to carry out the employee training on a regular basis.

The rental companies get involved in the finer customizations

The customizations in a laptop has been seen as one of the most prolific parameter for most of the rental companies who deal with numerous users who wants to use the laptop rentals for the finest customizations that they get from the rental companies.

· Moving further, the rental companies often takes care of the entire setup of the laptop in accordance to the specifications that are laid by the business owner.

· The setup could possibly include the installation of certain specific software that is required for certain businesses which makes them to execute some of the applications with ease.

· The setup along with the required technical support is very well carried by the rental companies along with the Laptop Rental to the user.

The tenure of the rental laptops by the rental companies

· In general, the tenure of the rental laptops by the rental companies do last long and in adherence to the requirements of the potential user.

· In fact, the rental companies have no inclusive binding on the duration of the laptops hire in specific.

Some of the most ardent reasons why laptop rentals are considered beneficial for the users

· The users who are quite often technology geeks who want to explore the newest technology in place.

· For start-up companies who want to instantly start off with an interim software project which requires volume based laptops for the developers, programmers to work upon.

· In the recent years, the rental companies have housed in professional laptop experts who would profoundly test for the various compatibilities in the laptop rentals before dispensing it for the rental tenure; this exercise often makes the users completely relieved from any sort of anomalies at the trade conferences or a convention.

· The laptops which are generally considered for renting comes out with more docking facilities where it can be docked to multiple third parties peripheral devise such as the multi-functional printer, overhead LCD projectors in place.

The Influence of Internet on the Gadget Industry

Today, we are already in digital era, because our life is simplified with gadgets. Many people agree that life must be simple, enjoyable and full of fun. Many electronics manufacturers always struggle to make many types of digital products. Coffee maker, smartphone, LCD TV, remote control, iPod, iPad, laptop, and many other electronic devices are samples of innovations to make people’s life easier and happier. People can find complete, comprehensive, and free gadgets news on internet. Today, before buying gadgets, many people prefer to check gadgets reviews on internet to get comprehensive suggestions. Internet gives a very significant impact on many people’s decision when they want to buy products.

For electronics manufacturers, internet is one of the ways to know what consumers want. Electronics manufacturers are also able to spy their competitors’ development through internet. Actually, we can easily predict gadgets that will be launched by electronics manufacturers, because electronic manufacturers usually creating gadgets based on what people’s need. Smaller, faster, slimmer, and stronger are main expectations from almost all gadgets users around the world. When you have iPad, I am sure you will expect that iPad 2 will be thinner, faster for internet browsing, and perhaps cheaper. The demand for better gadgets will never stop, and that’s the condition expected by all electronics manufacturers.

If we go back to around two decades ago, newspapers, radio and television were three media dominating news delivery. Today, internet and television are perhaps the only remaining media that can deliver latest news to people around the world. Internet has connected millions of people from around the world through social network websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. Internet allows people from different continents to exchange information just within seconds. With the massive development of internet, it is expected that there is no more people missed the latest information.

Internet gives unlimited access to anyone to know about anything. Gadgets have become part of people’s life. Therefore, whenever there is new gadget launched to market, people from other countries can easily notice and perhaps directly buy the newly launched gadget. If you want to keep yourself updated with gadgets news, Engadget, CNET, TechCrunch and other similar technology blogs can be good references of gadgets news and gadgets reviews. If you want to buy gadgets, Amazon, eBay, and many other online market places always provide you with deep discounts on many gadgets. Internet also provides you with complete and comprehensive comparison on many gadgets.

Don’t Make This Retirement Mistake

On the dashboard of my personal financial software, there’s a number.

Financial gurus tell me this number is one of the three most important in my life. One other is my credit score. The third is my age. (After all, I can shape the other two only if I’m still kicking.)

I certainly don’t measure myself against these numbers. Although I admit to paying a lot more attention to the age figure as it creeps up.

But other people use them to assess me, that’s for sure.

In fact, to hear some folks tell it, these little financial indicators are more important than a person’s morality, ethics or good works. (Particularly nasty are dating sites that require your credit score… the romantic in me says yuck to that.)

Age, credit score and… can you guess the other number? Do you know yours?

Above all, can you rely on its accuracy? What if it’s just a mirage?

You wouldn’t go out to sea without knowing precisely how much fuel, water, food and other essentials you had on board. After all, your life depends on it.

But there’s a good chance you’re heading into retirement with a faulty figure for your net worth…

Speculating on Your Future

Ever since I studied economics at university, the distinction between price and value has fascinated me.

Price is the amount of currency someone wants to part with for something at any moment in time.

$1.75 for a grande at Starbucks.

$299 for the latest video game console my daughter wants for Christmas.

Value is our subjective assessment of how useful something is. My daughter’s video game may cost $299, but I promise you, at that price there are many things I could use a lot more.

In markets, price is supposed to be an indicator of value. But prices have a way of becoming detached from value.

For example, a while back every kid wanted a silly little gadget that spins on your finger. For a few weeks they were selling for ridiculous prices because demand was so high. Once the kids figured out it was actually a boring little gimmick, the price dropped.

But trouble really starts when you introduce time into the price/value relationship. That’s where net worth comes in.

For example, right now I think my home will fetch a certain price. That price contributes a sizable chunk to my net worth. My net worth, in turn, is the foundation of my retirement plans.

I’m certain I could sell my home right now to one of the young families flooding into my neighborhood because of the good schools. They have the income to afford my price.

But I don’t plan to sell my house for another couple of decades at best. What if the young families of the future can’t afford my price?

What happens to my net worth then?

Beggar Thy Children

When we retire, we usually cash in the assets that make up our net worth, including our homes. For example, a couple I know recently sold their home and used the proceeds to acquire an assisted living apartment that will take care of them for as long as they live.

But if today’s younger generation can’t afford to buy our homes at the prices we use to measure our net worth, we may be stuck.

And it certainly looks as if the kids won’t be alright in 2037.

According to the Credit Suisse Research Institute’s global wealth report, if the world’s wealth were divided equally, each household would be worth $56,540.

But the top 1% own more than half of all wealth. The median household wealth is just $3,582. If you’re worth more than that, you’re in the richest 50% of the world’s population.

We can debate the reasons for this lopsided distribution of wealth. But there’s no debating the fact that people who reached adulthood since 2000 are on the losing end of it.

It’s particularly bad in the U.S.

On average, Americans between 30 and 39 have half as much wealth in 2017 as that age group had in 2007.

That means they will be significantly less well-off 10 to 20 years from now… unable to afford the sort of homes we take for granted today.

In other words, thanks to increasing inequality, you may be heading into retirement with faulty numbers.

Plan Your Future Around Value, Not Price

I constantly ask myself: What’s the Big Idea in my writing? What ties it all together?

As I wrote this article, it struck me that my Big Idea is the absolute importance of planning your future based on value, not price.

You know, for example, that you can’t rely on current stock prices to remain the same throughout your retirement. Converting stock holdings to other assets that tend to hold their value before stock prices fall is a key strategy.

Given what wealth inequality is doing to our younger generations, if you’re heading for retirement in the next couple of decades, you may want to consider the same strategy… when it comes to your home.

The Latest Gadget Compared to Fine Jewelry

The problem I find is that technological instruments depreciate in value very quickly as technology increases. Technological advances are being made at a faster rate every year. Computer technology was doubling every two years and is now doubling every 18 months. The time it will take for computer technology to double in the next cycle will be quicker. Over time, the “new” feeling wears off and it eventually becomes just another tech gadget. They are impersonal items that often have complications. Tech instruments may be a nice thought, however, is it really a gift you want to give to that special someone?

Fine jewelry is a timeless classic and still remains on the top of the list for fantastic gift giving ideas. This is a personal item and it actually increases in value as time goes on. There is no risk for malfunction. It is something that will be cherished and even passed down over the years. Fine jewelry is one of the most cherished heirlooms passed down through generations.

I was fortunate enough to know some historians who shared with me some of their most memorable moments in the field. They were interviewing a 101 year old woman about her great-great grandmother. Two things stood out to them. One was the uncanny resemblance of the two ladies when compared to the photo that she brought to the interview. The other was the beautiful broach that had been passed down to her from her great-great grandmother.

The woman was wearing it in the photo, as she was sitting in the interview. She told a story of wanting to give it to her daughter, who had unfortunately passed away. Her granddaughter accompanied her to the interview. It touched the lives of the historians when she gave the broach to her beloved granddaughter. They found out that the lady had died later during the night peacefully in her sleep.

The granddaughter accepted the broach with teary eyes that day, promising to give it to her daughter at the appropriate time. The old woman may have never rested without relaying the story of the broach and its importance to her. She requested for it to continue to be passed down and that it should be treasured. Her great-great grandmother received it as a gift from her husband many years ago. What was cherished by one became cherished by many. Not only did the broach triple in value, it has a priceless sentimental value to the women in that family.